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A new late ripening pear cultivar 'Ganli 3'

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Author: WANG Wei, LI Hongxu, ZHAO Mingxing, CAO Sufang, CAO Gang
Keywords: Pear; New cultivar; 'Ganli 3'; Late-ripe;
DOI: 10.13925/j.cnki.gsxb.20190245
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Abstract: 'Ganli 3' is a late ripening pear cultivar by artificial pollination, its pedigree is‘Jinfeng( ♀)'בBartlett( ♂)'. The fruit is thick neck and gourd shaped, the average fruit weight is 279.4 g,pericarp is yellow green and red on the sunny side, yellow after storage; the fruit surface is smooth and clean, fruit dots are small, hidden; the color of pulp is milky white, flesh is exquisite and crisp, after post-ripening, it becomes soft and easy to dissolve in the mouth, fewer stone cells and residues, juicy,pleasant sweetness and sourness, with delicate fragrance of European Pear(Pyrus communis L.), the size of fruit core is medium, soluble solid content at 12.8%-13.7%, soluble sugars of 7.1 g · 100 g-1, organic acid of 0.20 g · 100 g-1, vitamin C of 8.0 mg · 100 g-1, quality superior. The tree crown is conical at shape. The branch's color is gray brown, the one year branches are brown, more lenticels, there are fuzz on the burgeon. Leaf buds are small and slanting, flower buds are conical, larger. Young leaves are light red, the oval leaf shape, the shape of leaf surface is clasp, the posture of the leaf is horizontal, leaf tip is gradually sharpening, leaves is wedge-like at the base, leaves edge has sharp sawtooth with prickle awn, mature leaves is dark green, stipulate at the base. There are 7-8 flowers in each inflorescence,pink buds, white corolla, pink anther, petal is overlapping, round in shape, and the number is 5, stigma of flower is higher than anther, 23-24 stamens; the fruit has 5 chambers;6-10 seeds per fruit, dark brown and oval. The growth potential of young trees is stronger, that tends to be moderation after fructifying, the tree's posture is semi open; the one year branch is substantial that is easy to form flowers in non-pruning; strong branching ability, high germination rate, the middle and short fruit branches are the main fruit branch types; the fruit setting rate is high, 2-4 for each inflorescence, 1-3 bourse shoot; high grafted trees begin fruiting in 2 nd years, the planted seedling trees begin fruiting in 3 rd years, the average yield at 5 th year is 1 871.5 kg · 666.7 m-2 and in the 6 th year it increased to 2 500 kg · 666.7 m-2. The continuous fruiting capacity of branches is strong, and light abscission of fruit before maturing, without obvious alternate bearing. Initial flowering in late April in Baiyin District, Gansu, about 10 d flowering period; fruit ripening in late September; the fruit development last about 150 d, and vegetative growth last about 220 d. This cultivar is a hybrid of Chinese Pear and European Pear, with high and stable yield, ecological suitability and disease resistance. It is suitable for planting in the hilly area of the eastern part of Gansu Province, the irrigation area along the Yellow River, the cold and shady area in the middle, and the oasis irrigation area of Hexi. It can be introduced, demonstrated and popularized in the same type of area outside the province. Orchards are located in warm, semi-humid, semi-arid, arid or cold and cool areas of river valley, platform, terraces with well irrigation and convenient transportation conditions, the soils are sandy loam, loam and irrigated with deep soil layer.