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Journal of Fruit Science is a Journal sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, and edited and published by the Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS). It is a journal which is prepared for distribution at the national level, and is a professional scientific journal, a core Journal of Horticultural Science and a core Journal of Chinese Science & Technology with the designated code of ISSN 1009-9980 and CN-41-1308/S.

Journal of Fruit Science disseminates new results of current research on improvements in fruit growing technology, promoting the high quality production of fruits, and newly released selections and cultivars. The focus of the Journal is also on new technologies and innovative approaches applicable to fruit production and fruit breeding. It covers a wide range of topics of interest to researchers, extension staff and growers, including Germplasm resources · Genetics Breeding · Biotechnology, Cultivation · Physiology · Ecology, Plant protection · Fruit quality Safety, Storage · Processing, Special focus · Reviews, Techniques · Methods, Breeding reports etc. The journal is highly respected by the fruit industries, scientists, technicians, horticulturists, teachers and students at colleges and universities and fruit growers nationwide. If you want to know and stay current on what is happening in ongoing fruit researches and what achievements are being obtained in China, then Journal of Fruit science provides all you need to know.

The Editor-in-chief is professor Wang Zhiqiang, the former director of the Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute, CAAS; the Vice-Editor-in-chief is Dr. Deng Xiuxin, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of the Huazhong Agricultural University. Dr Shu Huairui, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Horticultural Science at Shandong Agricultural University is the valued member of the Scientific Advisory Board. In China, the Journal’s code is 36-93, and it is published on 10th day of each month. Outside of China, its code is BM1107.

It has been published continually since 1984. At present, the journal is published on a bimonthly basis. Beginning in 2016, it will be published monthly. The journal is published on 10th day of each month. The price of each issue is RMB 20, the price of annual total is RMB 240.

Journal of Fruit Science are included in the source journal of Chinese science citation database (core library), 1st to 6th eidition horticultural core journals of A Guide to the Core Chinese periodical (GCJC), Chinese Agricultural Kernel Periodical, scientific and Technological Periodicals for Statistics in China (CSTPCD), the source journals of “Platform of Forerunner 5000-Top Academic Papers in China's Key Sci-Tech Journals”, the source journals of Chinese Science Abstracts (CSAC), the source journals of Chinese Science Abstracts Database (CSCD)  etc. The journal are indexed in more than 20 kinds important publications database in China and abroad, such as CA, CSA, AJ, CBST, CABI, CNKI et al .

Journal of Fruit Science have been awarded China’s Key Sci-Tech Journals, Authoritative Academic Journals, First Class Periodicals in Natural Science in Henan province, Henan Top 20 Natural Science Journals etc. 

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