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Germplasm resources of red-peel pomegranate and research progresses of mechanism of the peel color formation

Date:2020/3/25 9:19:28 Browsing times:
Author: LIAO Guanglian,CHEN Lu,JIANG Zhiqiang,XU Xiaobiao*
Keywords: Pomegranate; Germplasm resource; Red-skinned; Coloring mechanism
DOI: DOI:10.13925/j.cnki.gsxb.2017.S.01
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Skin color is one of the important characteristics of fruit qualityred-peel pomegranate was favored by consumers due to its special economic characters. In this articlethe recent researches on germplasm resources of red-skinned pomegranate and breeding state were summarized. The research advanceson peel coloring mechanism and the influence of bagging on the coloration of pomegranate fruit were alsoreviewed. Finallysuggestions on peel coloring mechanism study of pomegranate were put forwardaim tolay a foundation for the study of the mechanism of pomegranate fruit coloring and regulation.