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Home-Journal Online-2015 No.4

Determination and analysis of ploidy and genome size of different jackfruit lines

Date:2018/5/30 16:19:33 Browsing times:
Author: YANG Zhuanying WU Chuanlong FENG Feng Lü Qingfang WANG Junning YE Chunhai
Keywords: Jackfruit; Ploidy; Genome size; Flow cytometry;
DOI: 10.13925/j.cnki.gsxb.20140442
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【Objective】To study the character of genome sequence,evolvement biology and the screeningof functional genes of jackfruit,determination of the genome size of jackfruits was an preliminary task.【Methods】Tomato and litchi‘feizixiao'were served as internal references,and Otto was extract. The flu-orescence intensities of the internal reference and jackfruit were measured by flow cytometry( FCM) afterthe mixed nucleus samples dyed by propidium iodide(PI). Comparing the multiple relationships betweenthe two peak values,the polidy level and genome size was calculated for different jackfruit lines.【Re-sults】10 selected jackfruit lines were diploid. The hard jackfruit genome size range from(1 243.75±9.21)Mb to(1 540.63±3.55)Mb,while the soft jackfruit genome size was about(1 902.87±8.08)Mb.【Conclu-sion】The genome sizes varied in different jackfruit lines,and the Nuclear DNA contents of soft lineswere much greater than that of hard lines.